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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date 1904

Period Early 20th century

Origin Austrian

Dimension 24 x 25.5 cm (9¹/₂ x 10 inches)

14-page booklet

Signed top left on the inside of the cover: J.Strejc 


24x 25.5 cm

Cover: stencil print on ingrain wallpaper

1. F. Dietl, "Julfeier 1904" stencil print on black Japanese paper

2. R. Müller, "Pattern"lithography on paper

3. F. Dietl, "Two Puppeteers" stencil print on grey Japanese paper

4. F. Dietl, "Love" monogrammed lower left: FD lithography on paper

5. J. Strejc, "Nymph and Faun" linocut on Japanese paper

6. W. Hablik, "Three Portraits" linocut on Japanese paper

7. R. Hancke, "Bathing Children" linocut on Japanese paper

8. F. Dietl, "Heaven’s Gate" lithography on paper

9. J. Strejc, "Swans" linocut on Japanese paper

10. F. Dietl, "Joyful Welcome" lithography on paper

11. W. Hablik, "Village on the lake" linocut on Japanese paper

12. R. Müller/E. Hradetzky, "Country House" lithography on paper

13. W. Hablik, "The Fortune Teller" linocut on Japanese paper

14. F. Dietl, "The Artist's Christmas Eve" stencil print on Japanese paper

Artists Fritz Dietl, Richard Müller, Wenzel Hablik, Josef Strejc, E. Hradetzky and Rudolf Hancke created this booklet in collaboration

It was most likely meant only for themselves or perhaps for a closest circle of friends. Our copy comes from the personal property of Josef Strejc. Despite intensive research, no other copy is known to us.

The Yule Festival was originally the Germanic winter solstice festival, celebrated on the astronomical date, December 21 ("Jul Moon"), in honor of the rebirth of the sun. In Northern European countries, the Yule Festival takes place at Christmas. There it is still called "Jul", which is reflected in the English "Yule".

Date: 1904

Period: Early 20th century

Origin: Austrian

Signature: Signed top left on the inside of the cover: J.Strejc 

Dimension: 24 x 25.5 cm (9¹/₂ x 10 inches)

Provenance: the estate of Josef Strejc

Literature: T. G. Natter/M. Hollein/K. A. Schröder (ed.), Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt / Albertina, Vienna, Exhib. cat., Kunst für alle. Der Farbholzschnitt in Wien um 1900, Cologne 2016, p. 80 f


Shown at: Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt,
2016/Albertina, Vienna, 2017, Kunst für alle. Der Farbholzschnitt in Wien um

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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Viennese Jugendstil, Secessionist Movement

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