A Thai Enamel Copper Document Holder
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A Thai Enamel Copper Document Holder

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

Period 19th century

Origin Thailand

Medium Enamel Copper

This document holder, of octagonal tubular form, has a green vertical leaf pattern within red panels on a yellow ground. The removable cover bears the same pattern and has a round knob. Document holders produced in coloured enamelled copper for senior Thai monks held important documents sent from one royal temple to another, or to the palace.  Made in Guangzhou (Canton)1, a renowned centre specialising in the production of enamelled copperware throughout the 19th century, for export to the Thai market, this particular document holder is extremely rare. No other comparable example is known or has been published in available literature. 

Period: 19th century

Origin: Thailand

Medium: Enamel Copper

Literature: [1] Mengoni, L.E., “Adapting to foreign demands: Chinese enameled copperwares for the Thai market”, in Royal Porcelain from Siam: Unpacking the Ring Collection, Håbu, A. and Rooney, D.F. (eds), Hermes Publishing, Oslo, 2013, pp. 107-124.

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