A plate from the Earl of Jersey service
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A plate from the Earl of Jersey service

Röbbig München

Date 1735

Period 18th century

Origin Meissen

The chinoiserie scene after an engraving by Pieter Schenk Junior (1698–1775) decorated in the manner of Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck Meissen. c. 1735

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark Diameter 23.6 cm

The artist copied the figural group from a engraving by Petrus Schenk Junior (1698-1775) from the series “Nieuwe geinventeerde Sineesen…”, Amsterdam c. 1720. This series was in the manufactory’s inventory of patterns at a very early stage, as other motifs from it have also been confirmed on various items of porcelain dating from the 1730s.

Date: 1735

Period: 18th century

Origin: Meissen

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