Hasean Funerary Stone for 'Matmat'
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Hasean Funerary Stone for 'Matmat'

David Aaron

Period 5th- 4th Century B.C

Origin South Arabia

Period: 5th- 4th Century B.C

Origin: South Arabia

Provenance: Originally discovered prior to 10 January 1962, most likely by Aramco workers, it was photographed at the company camp at Ras Tanura not far from Jawan, so it is possible it came from there (according to a letter, 1962, between Aramco employee James P. Mandaville and epigraphist Fr. Albert Jamme, which the 1966 publication refers to).
With Jeff Miller, of Museum Antiques Ltd, from at least 1978, who reputedly acquired this object from a dealer who had acquired it from the archaeologist in the US directly a number of years before.
Private Collection of Judith Jacoby, Virginia, USA, acquired from the above on 11 November 1978 (accompanied by purchase notes, cheque from 11 November 1978 and further correspondence with Fr. Jamme).
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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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