Monumental Olive-Green Glass ‘Lotus-Bud’ Beaker
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Monumental Olive-Green Glass ‘Lotus-Bud’ Beaker

David Aaron

Period 1st- 2nd Century A.D

Origin Eastern Mediterranean

Medium Glass

Period: 1st- 2nd Century A.D

Origin: Eastern Mediterranean

Medium: Glass

Provenance: James Bomford (1896–1979) Collection, assembled between 1960-1978.
Acquired by Hans Benzian (1917-1998) at Sotheby’s, London, 14 July 1986.
Benzian Collection of Ancient and Islamic Glass, 1986-1994.
Sold at: “The Benzian Collection of Ancient and Islamic Glass”, Sotheby’s, London, 7 July 1994.
Private UK Collection.

Exhibition: Ancient Glass: The Bomford Collection of Pre-Roman and Roman Glass, City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, 1976.

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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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