The 'Damon' Candlestick
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The 'Damon' Candlestick

David Aaron

Period Circa 900- 1517 A.D

Origin Central Asia

Period: Circa 900- 1517 A.D

Origin: Central Asia

Provenance: Ex-collection Theron J. Damon. The inside of this candlestick contains various, worn, ownership labels. One reads: β€˜This is the property of Theron J. Damon.’ With accompanying 1931 exhibition label.

Exhibition: International Exhibition of Persian Art, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 7 January – 7 March 1931, no.US15.
On loan to the Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts since 1940.
The Turks in History, The Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1 February – 15 March 1954.

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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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