Sarcophagus Lid
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Sarcophagus Lid

David Aaron

Period Third Intermediate Period 1070 - 664 B.C

Origin Egypt

Period: Third Intermediate Period 1070 - 664 B.C

Origin: Egypt

Provenance: Previously in a Private Collection, France, originally acquired in the late 1950’s (accompanied by a 'laissez-passer' of the Egyptian 'Service des Antiquités', signed by M. Kamal, very probably Moharram Kamal, 1908-1966, Egyptian Egyptologist, Director of the Cairo Museum in 1956, then sub-Director General of Antiquities 1957-1959).
Sold at: Binoche et Giquello, Paris, 13 June 2014, no.151 (accompanied by French cultural passport 158907).
Swiss art market, acquired from the above sale.

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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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