Chatelaine and watch in gold, pearls and enamel
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Morel & Cie

Chatelaine and watch in gold, pearls and enamel

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Date Circa 1860-1880

Period Napoléon III

Medium gold, pearls and enamel

Dimension 10.5 x 3.1 cm (4¹/₈ x 1¹/₄ inches)

A gold and enameled blue chatelaine featuring a belt hook decorated with a monogram and a watch, a seal and a key. The gold is finely guilloché and enhanced with translucent enamel. The enamel work is framed with half-pearls set. The guilloché watch, engraved and set with fine half-pearls as well as the seal set with lapis-lazuli and the key are connected to the hook by chains. This type of chatelaine was worn on a belt at the waist. This piece is characteristic of the Napoleon III period, where Historicism was developing, and which mixed different historical styles. The chatelaine is presented in its case to the brand of Morel et Cie. It is the son of Jean-Valentin Morel, Prosper Morel called to work in 1862 with Jules Fossin. Prosper Morel will give his name to this studio. He married his daughter Marie Morel to Joseph Chaumet who succeeded him in 1889. Some small usures of use.
Gold marks. 18K eagle head.
Weight: 1.65 oz (47 g).
La Bijouterie Française au XIX siècle par Henri Vever p.279. (Tome 1 pg 279). Dion-Tenenbaum Anne. Multiple Duponchel. In: Revue de l'Art, 1997, no. 116. pp. 66-75.

Date: Circa 1860-1880

Period: Napoléon III

Medium: gold, pearls and enamel

Dimension: 10.5 x 3.1 cm (4¹/₈ x 1¹/₄ inches)

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