A George II mahogany tripod table
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A George II mahogany tripod table

Ronald Phillips Ltd

Date 1755

Period George II

Origin English

Medium Mahogany

Dimension 71 x 68.5 cm (28 x 27 inches)

Note: The bearers have been reversed and new pivoting holes drilled at some stage, as a result of the original holes becoming enlarged over time by use.
The table belongs to a small group of related tripod tables, all with inward scrolling legs. The design, with bold acanthus carving, vase decorations and applied layers, is reminiscent of the style of William Kent, which went out of fashion soon afterwards. This might explain why only a few examples are known. An interesting feature of this table is that the support is constructed of three sections which are joined together. The wonderful shaped stretcher at the base of the table gives it extra strength and echoes the shape of flying buttresses in gothic architecture.

Date: 1755

Period: George II

Origin: English

Medium: Mahogany

Dimension: 71 x 68.5 cm (28 x 27 inches)

Provenance: Private collection, England.

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