Enamel, gold and gem set bagpipe brooch
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Enamel, gold and gem set bagpipe brooch

S.J. Phillips Ltd

Origin Paris

Medium Enamel, gold and gem

Dimension 3.8 cm (1¹/₂ inches)

Modelled as a gold pair of bagpipes hung with sporran and featuring a Glengarry bonnet to one side, the sporran in white and black enamel and the bonnet in green and white with red crosses, the ribbon between the drones in red with white crosses, a ruby cabochon to the bonnet cockade, a sapphire cabochon to the sporran.
Weight: 20g

Origin: Paris

Medium: Enamel, gold and gem

Signature: Signed 'Cartier Paris, the crossed C's workshop mark for Cartier, French gold assaymarks and serial number 09015.

Dimension: 3.8 cm (1¹/₂ inches)

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