Head of a Man, possibly a Priest
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Head of a Man, possibly a Priest

David Aaron

Period Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 B.C

Origin Egypt

Period: Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 B.C

Origin: Egypt

Provenance: Previously in the Private Collection of Mr Harold Lee Decker (1945-1989), VA, USA.
Sold at: Estate of Harold Decker, Scott and Company, Norfolk, VA, 6-7 October 1990, consigned by Harold Lee Decker’s ex-wife Barbara Decker (d. 1995).
Private Collection of Mr Norman Fletcher Goodwin (1943-2019), VA, USA, acquired at the above auction, until 2019.
Private Collection, gifted by the above.
ALR: S00218929, with IADAA certificate, this item has been checked against the Interpol database.

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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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