An Indian Cabinet with Later Georgian additions
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An Indian Cabinet with Later Georgian additions

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

Period 17th century

Medium Satinwood and oak

Dimension 150.5 x 89 x 45 cm (59¹/₄ x 35 x 17³/₄ inches)

With two glazed doors enclosing 11 exceptionally carved drawers with floral and vine patterns richly decorating them, ebony and ivory inlaid drawer divisions and resting on square legs, this is a fascinating composite piece of furniture showcasing fine Indian woodcarving and handicraft with 18th century English taste and sensibility in furniture styles. The cabinet is likely to have been adapted in the mid-18th century, with the addition of the fruitwood doors and the stand. The drawers and the floral carved designs would have been part of the original Indian cabinet. The cabinet has brass handles on the sides which are likely to be later additions as well. The 18th century additions to the cabinet showcases the desire to not only preserve the Indian handiwork and the admiration for it but also to adapt it in a way that extended its life. 

The Indian cabinet: 17th century
The English doors and stand: 18th century
Satinwood and oak
150.5cm high, 89cm wide, 45cm deep
Provenance: Originally from Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire
Prominent UK private collection since the late 1940s.
Stock no.:  A3073

This item contains less than 10% ivory and has been registered with Defra.

Period: 17th century

Medium: Satinwood and oak

Dimension: 150.5 x 89 x 45 cm (59¹/₄ x 35 x 17³/₄ inches)

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