Diamond cluster drop earrings
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Diamond cluster drop earrings

S.J. Phillips Ltd

Date c.1770

Period 18th century

Origin English

Medium Diamond

Dimension 1.7 x 4.5 x 2 cm (0⁵/₈ x 1³/₄ x 0³/₄ inches)

The tops formed of old and cushion cut diamonds graduating from larger central stones, the button shaped centres with nine stone borders, separate outer scalloped edged frames with twenty cushion cuts, the bottom pear shaped drops formed of a large central pear shaped diamond bordered by cushion cut diamonds, in a further border formed of smaller old cut diamonds, all diamonds cut down collet set, with later fittings
Diameter of top cluster: 1.7cm / 11/16''

Length of bottom drop: 2.5cm / 1''

Length of whole earring: 4.5cm / 1 3/4''

Width of bottom drop: 2cm / 3/4''
Weight: 17.5g

Date: c.1770

Period: 18th century

Origin: English

Medium: Diamond

Dimension: 1.7 x 4.5 x 2 cm (0⁵/₈ x 1³/₄ x 0³/₄ inches)

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