Bidjar Kilim

N. Vrouyr

Period Mid 20th century

Medium Warp: cotton, Weft: wool

Dimension 270 x 125 cm (106³/₁₀ x 49¹/₅ inches)

Bidjar is a small city in the heart of the Persian province of Kurdistan at about 200 km from Hamadan. The carpet production extends towards neighboring villages. Even though one of the features of knotting on a woolen warp is the fluffy feeling, these Bidjars are the heaviest qualities. This is because while knotting these carpets, the knotters constantly beat the row of knots with a heavy metal comb.

Period: Mid 20th century

Medium: Warp: cotton, Weft: wool

Dimension: 270 x 125 cm (106³/₁₀ x 49¹/₅ inches)

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