N. Vrouyr

Period Mid 20th century

Medium warp and weft: wool, pile: wool

Dimension 62 x 50 cm (24²/₅ x 19⁷/₁₀ inches)

Till the third quarter of the 20th century, Afghanistan was producing rugs closely acquainted with the weavings of the Turcoman. Mentioning the Afghan production, one did expect rugs with several shades of red dyes. When becoming old or antique they turned into rusty-brown.
In the fifties, “antique wash” was very much in fashion as the chemical process was altering colours. The red colours were changed into shiny bronze. So, after washing the traditional Afghan rugs became “Golden Afghans”. But it was a temporary fashion. At the dawn of the 21st century an new era started. New design, both classical (many kilims) and modern , were introduced and Afghanistan carpet-weaving reacted to the challenges of the market by transgressing the boundaries of traditional patterns.

Period: Mid 20th century

Medium: warp and weft: wool, pile: wool

Dimension: 62 x 50 cm (24²/₅ x 19⁷/₁₀ inches)

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N. Vrouyr

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