N. Vrouyr

Medium warp and weft: wool

Dimension 190 x 140 cm (74⁴/₅ x 55¹/₁₀ inches)

Jajims were traditionally woven on horizontal looms, nowadays they are also made on vertical looms.
The warps are stopped by a cylinder at the extremities and are gathered per colour.
The wefts are then pulled through and tightened with a metal comb.
The density of warps is higher than the wefts.
The most simple jajim shows very simple lines, some wider than others, in plain colours. The weaver has chosen these colours by putting his warps on the loom. The less numerous wefts are invisible.

Adding wefts, wrapping them around the warps to create patterns, is called keshme. Warps can also be added to create new patterns.

The strips are never wider than 50 cm but can reach a length of 10m.
Once the bands are completed, they will be cut to be put together to form a wide square or rectangle textile.

Medium: warp and weft: wool

Dimension: 190 x 140 cm (74⁴/₅ x 55¹/₁₀ inches)

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