N. Vrouyr

Dimension 209 x 80 cm (82³/₁₀ x 31¹/₂ inches)

In Iran gabbeh is the common name for coarse and longhaired carpets. It is not refer to a specific region, although the best known come from the area of Shiraz and the Zagros Mountains. Some will be found among other Iranian tribes and villages. Till the third quarter of the 20th century, the rugs were produced in small sizes for personal use. But the villagers started to make similar qualities and designs in much larger sizes. In a short while it became almost a fashion item and many weavers from the Shiraz area started making Gabbeh rugs up to any size. The knots are very coarse, the designs rather abstract or just plain with very simple motives at random. Tribes in the area like Luri, Shekerlu, Bolor, Kashkuli, Amaleh etc started making their own production

Dimension: 209 x 80 cm (82³/₁₀ x 31¹/₂ inches)

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N. Vrouyr

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