Enamelled Jambiya
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Enamelled Jambiya

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

With a curved double-edged watered-steel blade with a median ridge, this dagger features champleve enamel decoration, typical of the time period and the region. The hilt is in the I-shape typical of jambiyyas. The entirety of the hilt and sheath are richly decorated with polychrome floral enamel on symmetrical, gilt bordered panels of white ground and an interlacing, surrounding dark green ground. The floral design features rosettes and buds, delicately depicted in blues and pinks, with connecting scrolling vines. The scabbard ends in a delicate gilt rosebud chape. The pommel features a small, raised cut glass pink stone set in a gilt floral design. A small inscription in a cartouche on the scabbard reads as 
يا عزيز ١٢٠٧
'O Mighty! 1207 (1792-3).
Comparative Material:
An example of a dagger and sheath in this champleve enamel style can be found in the Metropolitan Museum (36.25.684a, b).  The British Museum has a similar dagger with a plain blade (1878,1230.903). Another example lies in the Royal Collection Trust(RCIN 37879). This sheath, however, is missing the chape. Whilst the hilt of the dagger at the Victoria and Albert Museum (1602&A-1888) is jewelled, the sheath is of a similar design to the present example. 

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