On the Dulas, South Wales / Waterfall near Neath, South Wales
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John Brandon Smith

On the Dulas, South Wales / Waterfall near Neath, South Wales

Williams and Son

Origin UK

Medium Oil on canvas

Dimension 38 x 51 cm (15 x 20 inches)

John Brandon Smith is an English landscape artist of some renown. He concentrated on the waterways of England, Scotland and Wales. He was particularly interested in the effects of cascading water. This led to his being given the moniker ‘Waterfall Smith’.
He was fascinated by the spectacle of rivers in spate. Many of his paintings concentrated on the rivers Conway, Llugwy and Lledr in North Wales but he also painted the rivers of England and Scotland. Some of his more celebrated works show The Swallow Falls and Aysgarth Falls in North Yorkshire. He used many shades of green and blue on his small, jewel like canvases. He would occasionally introduce the figure of a fisherman to provide perspective. His themes are characteristic of the renaissance of the European Romantic Movement.

He exhibited twenty-two works at The Royal Academy between 1860 and 1874. He also exhibited at Suffolk Street.

Origin: UK

Medium: Oil on canvas

Signature: Signed

Dimension: 38 x 51 cm (15 x 20 inches)

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