Rare green vase
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Josef Hoffmann

Rare green vase

Galerie bei der Albertina - Zetter

Date 1921

Period 20th century

Medium Green glass, Coloured paste

Manufactured by Ludwig Moser & Söhne, Karlsbad, for the Wiener Werkstätte, model number va 31

Sides decorated with ten sections set off against one another in broad cuts

Date: 1921

Period: 20th century

Medium: Green glass, Coloured paste

Literature: WW-Archives, MAK Vienna, design sketch KI 11969-19, cf Photo Archives WWF 90-98-5
cf Exhibition catalogue “Der Preis der Schönheit. 100 Jahre Wiener Werkstätte”, MAK, Vienna 2003, ill. p. 337, no G 99

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Galerie bei der Albertina - Zetter

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