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Firmin BAES


Berko Fine Paintings

Date 1937

Period 20th century

Medium Pastel on canvas board

Dimension 28 x 42 cm (11 x 16¹/₂ inches)

Date: 1937

Period: 20th century

Medium: Pastel on canvas board

Signature: Signed, situated and dated 'Paris oct. 1937' lower right;
inscription by the artist on the back.

Dimension: 28 x 42 cm (11 x 16¹/₂ inches)

Provenance: Belgian School

Literature: P. & V. Berko, "Dictionary of Flower Painters; Belgian and Dutch Artists born between 1750 and 1880", Knokke 1995, p. 110.
P. & V. Berko, "Dictionary of Belgian painters born between 1750 & 1875", Knokke 1981, p. 25.
G. Naegels-Delfosse, "Firmin Baes", Brussels 1987.

Exhibition: Antwerp - Brussels - Charleroi - Ixelles - Ostend - Ypres

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