What a year! The ArtSolution and MasterArt teams have been hard at work in 2018 growing our client-base, improving our technologies and collaborating with galleries and art fairs to provide premium IT services to the finest art dealers, galleries, fairs and institutions.

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app development and more)

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A host of new websites…

Redesign & Integration

In 2018, ArtSolution redesigned and integrated more than 50 websites for its art gallery clients. Here is just a small selection of new website designs we launched in 2018.

Masterpiece London

Another major project that we undertook was relaunching Masterpiece London’s website. Stephanie and Pablo from our team worked tirelessly with designer Adam Nice and Masterpiece’s marketing manager, Max, to relaunch the art fair’s website early in 2018. The result is a sophisticated, more user-friendly website that we are all incredibly proud of.

masterpiece london 1 masterpiece london 2 masterpiece london 3

New Clients

Over the past year, we also welcomed 10 new gallery and fair clients to the ArtSolution family.

New Technologies

Cologne Fine Art App

In the tech sector, we have been hearing about beacon technology a while now. The museum sector has been quick to adopt this technology and see its benefits, but the larger art market has not yet explored its possibilities. Looking to test new waters, in 2017, Cologne Fine Art partnered with ArtSolution to become the first major international fine art fair to trial beacon technology.

Following on from the success of the 2017 Cologne Fine Art app, in 2018 ArtSolution teamed up again with Cologne Fine Art to use this state-of-the-art navigation (beacon) technology during the fair.

In 2018, we fine-tuned the design and features of the app to make it as intuitive and useful to visitors and Cologne Fine Art staff as possible. An exciting new feature was the option to create guided pathways to artworks uploaded to A.S. Fair Manager by participating exhibitors. The app also assisted the fair in generating valuable visitor statistics for its reports and future projections.

We were delighted that more and more of our gallery clients started using A.S. Gallery Manager, our new interface, in 2018. It has been a mammoth undertaking trying to transfer all of our existing gallery clients onto the new platform. But we are happy to report that we are 60% done.

The response to the new system has been overwhelmingly positive. Our gallery clients are reporting that is easier to use, more intuitive and much faster.

A brand new MasterArt

One of our biggest achievements in 2018 was the relaunch of MasterArt’s online platform. In 2018, we were hard at work revamping the look and feel, and, more importantly, the functionalities and features of our platform.

More than a superficial makeover, the new website is now a more elegant presentation of the MasterArt ethos; presenting the world’s best art and antiques dealers to serious collectors and art lovers.

The new MasterArt boasts a number of new sections. Now when browsing the MasterArt website, you can find dedicated Gallery pages - where you can meet the people behind the world's leading art and antique galleries and learn more about their pieces. Other exciting additions are the Fairs and Exhibitions sections, which will present listings for all the latest must-see art events.

All this could not have been done without the tireless efforts of the MasterArt and ArtSolution teams. A special mention must be given to Artur, Mane, Stephanie and our development team who worked around the clock to bring to life this exciting new chapter in our history.

MasterArt Partnerships & Collaborations

MasterArt VR continuing to flourish

Number of Virtual Tours we have created...

The ArtSolution team continues to grow…

The ArtSolution team underwent some big changes in 2018. As we take on more and more projects, our team has continued to grow. In 2018, we welcomed 8 new employees to the ArtSolution team.

Just a handful of our favourite MasterArt
artworks from 2018

We thank you wholeheartedly for making 2018 a fantastic year.
We look forward to continuing our great work together in 2019
and hope it is a joyous and prosperous year for all!
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