Description & Technical information

Weight: 146,5 gr. (4oz., 14dwt.)
The present beaker of the late baroque period shows a very beautiful and elaborate decoration and excellent quality. It is tapering towards the bottom and two gilt rings form a middle-field, which is fully engraved. In fact, on a reeded ground, there are rich, scrolling acanthus leaves engraved. This elaborate engraving provides the beaker with a pleasant haptic feeling. On the underside of the bottom, the owner’s monogram “MSV”. The marks are also underneath ligated. The beaker is gilt inside.

Maker: Martin Breuer was born around 1672 in Breslau and became in 1705 a master maker. In the same year, he got married to Maria Catharina Haug, widow of the goldsmith Matthias Lotter. He died in 1751.

Origin:  Germany
Medium: silver, Partly-Gilt
Signature: City’s hallmark: a „pyr“ for Augsburg, 1707/11 (Seling 2007, no. 1320)
Maker’s mark: „MB“ in an oval shield, which is square on the right side for Martin Breuer (Seling 2007, no. 1983).

Dimensions: 9.2 cm (3⁵/₈ inches)
Categories: Silver