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In 1819 the Savoy Royal couple, Vittorio Emanuele I and Maria Tersa d'Asburgo Este bought the Grimaldi-Doria Tursi Palace as their principal Genoese royal residence, now it is the townhall of the city. As first architect of the court Carlo Randoni designed all the new furniture including this bench for the anti cappella room, it was probably executed in the two following years by the genoese sculptor Francesco Picasso.Wolf Burchard of the Met discovered that the third Baron of Berwick, William Noel-Hill as English Ambassador at the Savoy Kingdom, in 1833 bought a large part of Doria Tursi interiors, including from the same suite two armchairs, five chairs and six stools (identical to another  set of eight also in our stock) now in Park Attingham in Shropshire. Surviving pieces of the same suite formerly part of Pisa collection until 1938 are now a similar but less interesting pair of longer benches recently appeared in the London market, few armchairs and sofas in the Napoleonic residence of villa dei mulini, porto ferraio, Elba island; one sofa is still in the original Royal collections at Stupinigi royal castle,Museo dell'Ammobiliamento, sala dei cimeli napoleonici, Turin and an other sofa has been recorded in the Fenice Opera theatre, Venice.

Date:  1820-1821
Period:  1750-1850, Early 19th century
Origin:  Genoa
Medium: Carved, Gilt, Giltwood, Ivory, Lacca, Walnut
Dimensions: 100 x 88 x 67 cm (39³/₈ x 34⁵/₈ x 26³/₈ inches)
Grimaldi Doria Tursi palace, Savoy Royal Palace in Genoa, 1820-1821.
Anonymous European private collection.
Literature: Il mobile Impero in Italia, Enrico Colle, 1998, Milan, 260-261(concerning a sofa, six chairs and two open armchairs of the same suite now in the Napoleonic residence in Elba island)
Giuseppe Battista Piacenza e Carlo Randoni. I reali palazzi fra Torino e Genova. 1773-1831., Paolo Cornaglia, 2012, Turin, 227(with Randoni documents concerning the all suite)
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