Description & Technical information

Heriz is a small place half-way between Tabriz and Ardabil. In the second half of the 19th century the area produced impressive large size carpets with geometrical pattern and also fine silk rugs.. The large scale demand at the turn of the century led the weavers to more commercial qualities. An excellent wool and qualified craftsmanship still kept the carpets in high demand. The name Heriz has been used for most of the rugs made in the small surrounding villages and hamlets but nowadays one is trying to be more accurate  when naming the villages where they were made: Atraf, Tsheshmezan, Ghioravan, Mehrevan Bilverdi, Sharabian, Namavar etc,

Period:  Mid 20th century
Medium: warp and weft: cotton, pile: wool
Dimensions: 115 x 106 cm (45³/₁₀ x 41⁷/₁₀ inches)
Categories: Textiles