Description & Technical information

This monumental charter redacted in Latin is a transumpt (a copy of a legal document, confirming a privilege, granted in the past and thus re-authenticated) of the papal bull "quotiens a nobis" decreed by Pope Eugenius III in 1147, here copied and certified in 1424 by Jean Tinctoris (teinturier), canon and official of Verdun at the request of Pierre Sansonnet, maître-ès-arts as well as Jehan Paumillon and Jacques Henri, both canons of the collegial church of Mary Magdalena in Verdun. This bull confirmed the privileges and possessions of the collegial church of Mary Magdalena in Verdun. Noli me Tangere depicts Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection. Mary reaches out to Christ and he says noli me tangere (do not touch me) as recorded in the Gospels (John 20: 14-18).

Date:  1424
Period:  1400-1600, 15th century
Origin:  France, Verdun
Categories: Illuminated Manuscripts & Medieval Works of Art