Description & Technical information

Rectangular ivory plaque. Sinhalese-Portuguese
The plaque is encased by a plain framing abasement, centred by a detailed low-relief representation or Our lady of The Rosary holding Baby Jesus in her right arm, and fully encircled by The Rosary. In her left hand the Virgin holds a lotus flower in a manner characteristic of Hindu iconography which extends to the elegantly tapered face, the long, thick locked centre-parted hair style and the carefuully worked vestments.
This plaque can confidently be included in the group of 17th century imagery produced in Ceylon for the spreading of the Christian faith and the promotion of the praying of the Rosary.

Date:  17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  Sri Lanka
Medium: Ivory
Dimensions: 16 x 9 cm (6³/₁₀ x 3¹/₂ inches)
Provenance: Collection Arthur de Sandão
Literature: Exhibition Catalogue "A Expansão Portuguesa e a Arte do Marfim",Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 1991 (p.83, nº 181)
Exhibitions: A Expansão Portuguesa e a Arte do Marfim. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 1991
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art