Description & Technical information

The inscription reads:

"To Captain Wm. Cowper of the Engineers FROM MESSRS. FORBES & Co., BRUCE FAWCETT & Co., SHOTTON CALDER & Co., BRISCOE & BEAUFORT, JOHN LECKIE & DE SOUZA & Co. MERCHANTS AT BOMBAY In grateful Remembrance of the eminent & lasting Services rendered to that Port by the persevering Exception of his distinguished Talents in the Construction of TWO NEW DOCKS in that part of the British Empire / Thereby enabling THE PORT OF BOMBAY to add to and maintain the best Bulwarks of the Mother Country BY BUILDING OR REPAIRING SHIPS OF THE LINE OF THE LARGEST CLASS and at the same time to afford ample and extensive Accommodation TO THE COMMERCIAL SHIPPING of British India. Mense Septembris MDCCCX."

Captain William Cowper (1774-1825) was a military engineer who succeeded in building two dry docks in the port of Bombay despite numerous difficulties, including a lack of skilled workmen and problems with hard rock and tides. The first was completed in 1808 and the inaugural vessel built there was named Minden. It was quickly followed by a second dock called the Duncan Docks after Jonathan Duncan, Governor of Bombay, and both docks were in use for close to fifty.

Weight: 7694g, 247oz 10dwt

Date:  1812
Period:  1750-1850, 19th century
Origin:  England, London
Medium: silver
Signature: Maker`s mark of Paul Storr, marked on body below handle and top of stand The vase on detachable stand engraved with presentation inscription to Captain William Cowper (1774-1825) and diagrams of the docks and their specifications.

Dimensions: 42.5 cm (16³/₄ inches)
Provenance: Captain William Cowper (1774-1825)
Categories: Silver