Description & Technical information

Portrayed typically mummiform, standing on a small integral trapezoidal base, wearing a striated tripartite wig and braided false beard. His arms crossed right over left with the hands protruding from a close-fitting shroud, the left holding a pick and the right holding a hoe and the cord to a seed bag, incised imitating woven straw or rush, suspended over the left shoulder, the implements depicted in raised relief. Nine rows of hieroglyphs giving the name, General Pakhaas, born of Tachedidi and including lines from Chapter six of the Book of the Dead, are incised below the arms. The dorsal column plain.

Period:  Antiquity
Origin:  Egypt
Dimensions: 21 cm (8¹/₄ inches)
Provenance: Private Collection of Charles Bouché (1928-2010), France
Literature: For details of these shabtis see Jacques F Aubert & Liliane Aubert, in 'Statuettes Égyptiennes, Chaouabtis, Ouchebtis', Paris, 1974, p.253. Examples can be found in many museums including Bonn, Cairo and The Vatican.
Categories: Classical & Egyptian antiquities