Description & Technical information

Painted iron and cast iron, old partially painted-over paintwork, rust, original glass inserts, original condition; the jardinières are wall mounted, swivel hinges enable 180° movement


H 29 cm, W 71.5 cm, D 10.5 cm


When looking at these exceptional wall-mounted jardinières, one immediately thinks of Otto Wagner and that he must have created these extraordinary pieces. His works for the Vienna Stadtbahn/metropolitan railway (now the underground) are known to everyone in Vienna. The artistic closeness of these jardinières and the fencing for the metropolitan railway is more than obvious. Not only the design of the concentrically arranged circles, but also the simple yet very decorative lines as well as their outstanding functionality due to the swivel hinges indicate Wagner’s authorship.


Despite intensive research, we have been unable to find any evidence of where these eight wall jardinières had been mounted, but it must have been a prominent place.

Origin:  Austrian
Medium: Iron
Dimensions: 29 x 71.5 x 10.5 cm (11³/₈ x 28¹/₈ x 4¹/₈ inches)

private property, Austria