Qaradagh kilim

N. Vrouyr

Epoque Around 1930

Medium Warp: cotton, Weft: wool

Dimension 258 x 156 cm (101³/₅ x 61²/₅ inches)

Karadagh (or Asbaran) is an area in NW Iran, in the upper part of province Azerbaïdjian where Turkish tribes settled down in the beginning of the 19th century. It became a khanate with its capital Ahar. It is a small community living in high mountains, restricted in number and often forgotten when Iranian tribes are described.

Epoque: Around 1930

Medium: Warp: cotton, Weft: wool

Dimension: 258 x 156 cm (101³/₅ x 61²/₅ inches)

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N. Vrouyr

Carpets and Textiles

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