Guy Vandenbranden

Abstract Composition

Whitford Fine Art

Date 1972

Epoque 20th century

Dimension 125 x 125 cm (49¹/₄ x 49¹/₄ inches)

Guy Vandenbranden is a celebrated Belgian constructivist. His mature style was informed by De Stijl and Op Art in and their respective leading figures, Piet Mondriaan and Victor Vasarély. 
Vandenbranden's work evolved from abstract paintings executed in mainly grey shades during the early 1950s to colourful Hard Edge Abstraction during the late 1950s, a style which he practiced with cellulose lacquer sprayed directly onto panel as of 1967. Vandenbranden's wish to express the visual in pure geometric lines, planes and colours led his paintings to become chromatically more complex in time. Dimension is achieved by cross cutting the brightly coloured planes with broad, black lines. In 1956, Vandenbranden joined the 'Art Abstrait' group, originally founded by Jo Delahaut, Pol Bury, Jean Milo and Georges Collignon. In 1960, Vandenbranden co-founded the 'New Flemish School' with Paul Van Hoeydonck, Jan Dries and Vic Gentils.

Date: 1972

Epoque: 20th century

Signature: Signed verso

Dimension: 125 x 125 cm (49¹/₄ x 49¹/₄ inches)

Literature: Bram Bogart, Englebert Van Anderlecht and others, exhibition catalogue, Galerie Luc Van Middelem, Knokke, 2007, ill. p. 36.

Exhibition: 2007, Bram Bogart, Englebert Van Anderlecht and others, Galerie Luc Van Middelem, Knokke, Belgium.

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