Standing Female Nude / Verso: Disrobing Nude
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George Grosz

Standing Female Nude / Verso: Disrobing Nude

GMT Galerie Marc Triebold

Date 1940

Epoque 20th century

Dimension 72.3 x 39.3 cm (28¹/₂ x 15¹/₂ inches)

Dimension avec cadre cm (35³/₈ x 21⁵/₈ x 1¹/₈ inches)

At the beginning of 1933, George Grosz emigrated to the USA and accepted a teaching position at the New York Art Students League. In America, he produced fewer political works than before, but rather balanced, harmonious landscapes, still lifes and nudes. From 1939, Grosz spent the summer months in Cape Cod, and from the end of the 1930s he created erotic, revealing nudes here, for which his wife Eva usually modelled. On the beach and in the dunes, unobserved, Grosz could paint his models naked and in relaxed poses. The unsparing nude, reminiscent of Grosz's earlier saucy Berlin women, is typical of the artist's American creative phase. The comparatively restrained work shows Eva after undressing, still wearing a piece of clothing in her right hand and a pearl necklace around her neck. She looks down at her clothes with a broad grin and presents her voluptuous, rosy body very confidently to the viewer.

Date: 1940

Epoque: 20th century

Signature: With the estate stamp and numbering 1-A23-3on the verso

Dimension: 72.3 x 39.3 cm (28¹/₂ x 15¹/₂ inches)

Provenance: Estate George Grosz

Exhibition: never exhibited

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