Description & Technical information

This tin-glazed earthenware jug of baluster form is painted with three registers of alternating cobalt-blue and copper-lustre vine-shaped bryony leaves, flowers and scrolling decoration. The applied strap handle and spout are painted in a brownish copper-lustre with a small circular ring handle above the spout.
This highly-prized lustre jug, with its vibrant painted decoration, was made in Manises during the second half of the 15th century. The jug exemplifies Valencian lustre wares which were favoured pieces collected predominately by stately households in Europe during the 15th century.
See two Valencian lustre jugs of similar decoration, size and form in The Metropolitan Museum, New York, Cloisters Collection, Accession Numbers 56.171.84 (21.9cm high) and 56.171.83 (21.6cm high).

Stock no.: A5155

Date:  Second half of the 15th century
Period:  15th century
Origin:  Manises, Spain
Medium: Glazed and lustre-painted earthenware
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm (8¹/₄ x 8¹/₄ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art