Description & Technical information

Weight: 53.6g
Designed as a trailing S curve stem set along supporting graduated flowerheads, three mounted en tremblant, each with five, six and seven pointed leafy-petals and with single stone to centre, the diamonds of cusion and old brilliant cut, the lower section articulated on a pendant loop and detachable for wear as two separate brooches, the larger one with the tremblant flowers.
Length overall 21cm / 8 ¹/₄"
Length of longer separate brooch 14cm / 5 ¹/₂"
Length of shorter brooch section 8cm / 3 ¹/₈"

Date:  1860
Period:  19th century
Origin:  Paris
Medium: Diamonds, Set in silver and gold
Signature: Signed 'VEVER' and with French assaymarks.

Dimensions: 8 cm (3¹/₈ inches)
Categories: Jewellery