Description & Technical information

Weight: 911.5g / 29.30oz
The caddies of straight sided drum form, flat covers with flush hinges and applied with floral and foliate scrolling stems forming the handles, the sides each with five rectangular reserves, the front engraved with a coat-of-arms, the other reserves each featuring a different figural scene in an architectural landscape, repeated to the other caddy, the borders and uprights all decorated with a geometric diaper pattern picked out with engraved reeding, the key to the caddies deficient, together with a fitted wooden case with lock and key (not turning), the cover featuring an oval spiral scroll flowerhead in marquetry and rims and bands of chequer stringing, a sprung loaded secret drawer to the base, sliding out to the right side and containing six associated leafy pattern teaspoons stamped PR.
The coat-of-arms featuring three leopard's heads facing and a chevron, within an assymetric foliate scroll frame, between crossed palms tied with a bow to the bottom and all from a tied ribbon bow surmount.

The scenes left to right:-

A Chinaman bearing a staff with spear end and circle motif, stood leaning upon a pedestal with potted plant, palm tree beyond left and building beyond right; a Chinaman wearing a hat and carrying a staff with fleur-de-lys top stood in front of a pavilion, a small boy holding on to his robes to the left; two men looking at each other, a building to the left and palm tree right, one man seen sat beneath the tree holding a long pipe and leaning upon a low plinth bearing a candlestick, the second man stood holding a parasol; finally a scene depicting a lady stood holding up a woven item, a man seated to the right holding up a bird toward her, a buiding seen beyond.

Height 10cm / 3 7/8''
Diameter 11.2cm / 4 3/8''

Date:  1766
Period:  18th century, 1750-1850
Origin:  London
Medium: silver
Categories: Jewellery, Silver