Description & Technical information

Executed by: Lötz Witwe Klostermühle, 1902

Décor: Cytisus, 1902

Excellent condition.

Vases with Cytisus décor (laburnum) are almost invariably representative of the glassworks’ most creative period. This colourful, particularly effective and interesting rhythmic décor - which is also closely related to contemporary Viennese painting (e.g. Klimt's Beethoven cycle from 1902) - was used almost exclusively on vessels with vividly undulating contours.

Date:  1902
Period:  Early 20th century
Origin:  Austrian
Medium: Clear glass, lemon-yellow inner casing, blue and rosé glass stripes and irregularly spaced patches.
Dimensions: 20 cm (7⁷/₈ inches)
Provenance: Private property, Germany

Literature: H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880–1940, vol. 1, Munich, 1989, p. 327