Description & Technical information

An gold and oblong shape features rounded ends snuff-box. The hinged lid, the base and the four panels of the side are decorated with a guilloche pattern with parallel stripes and dots. The border is decorated with a scrolling leaf-and-bead enhanced with translucid green enamel and white. These same motifs of guilloche adorn panels of the side and base.
Weight: 2.46oz (70g.)
Gold Prestige Marks. Recontroled. 18k gold.
Goldsmith FJ.
Work of Hanau, late 18th century. Circa 1780.
Hanau was an important center of production as was Berlin and Dresden.
Price: 12800€
REF: 4875

Date:  1780
Period:  1750-1850, Late18th century
Origin:  Hanau
Medium: gold, Enamel
Signature: Gold Prestige Marks. Recontroled. 18k gold.
Goldsmith FJ

Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 2.5 cm (0³/₄ x 3¹/₂ x 1 inches)
Categories: Jewellery