Description & Technical information

“The Invisible Forest is a piece many years in the making and marks the culmination of my exploration into myth, nature and symbolism through the medium of tile. Each star tile in the panel represents an animal, some real and some mythical that inhabit this mystical forest. At the centre of the panel lies the sun, the giver of life, the heart of our universe. Around the edge of each star tile I have written fragments of poems and songs inspired by our relationship with nature. The cross-shaped tiles within the panel contain representations of the floral and the piscine and bordering them are written fragments from my song ‘Wild Sea’. The Invisible Forest is the largest and most ambitious panel in this particular style that I have created and marks an important landmark on my artistic journey so far.” – Boris Aldridge 

Date:  2019
Period:  21st century
Origin:  UK
Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm (47¹/₄ x 47¹/₄ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art