Description & Technical information

A monoxyle neckrest in the form of a stylized stool. The elaborate lateral decoration is typical of the regions of the Lower Sepik incorporating the Schouten Islands and the Murik lakes. The decoration on the other side, with a vertical register of diamonds, is quite surprising and of great purity of form. The underside of each end of the head-bar has a series of small carved bumps. Murik Lakes?, Lower Sepik, PNG.

Period:  19/ 20th century
Origin:  Melanesia
Medium: Wood with a glossy patina.
Dimensions: 35.9 x 11.2 x 12.7 cm (14¹/₈ x 4³/₈ x 5 inches)
Provenance: Ex-coll. : Galerie Meyer, Paris; F. Pujol, Barcelona, ​​inv. No. 405.
Exhibited OCEANIC HEADRESTS / APPUIE-NUQUE OCEANIENS. Exhibition, Gal. Meyer, 2004, N ° 17.

Literature: Illustrated : OCEANIC HEADRESTS / APPUIE-NUQUE OCEANIENS. Exhibition cataloge, Gal. Meyer, 2004, N ° 17.
Categories: Tribal Art