Description & Technical information

Friedrich Kellerthaler (1620-1662/1676) was received as master in 1647. Four other works by him are listed to this day:
- two chalices, dated 1657 and 1658 (Dresden, Hofkirche);
- a mortar, circa 1647 (Dresden, Grüne Gewölbe).
- a pokal, 1662 (Nuremberg, Germanischen Nationalmuseum, inv. No. HG 10050)

Date:  1650-1660
Period:  17th century
Origin:  Dresden
Medium: Embossed silver
Dimensions: 11.5 cm (4¹/₂ inches)
Literature: Marc Rosenberg, Der Goldschmiede Merkzeichen, Band II, n° 1759.
Categories: Silver