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"When the elder [Alberto] observes his father as a painter, the
second [Diego] watches his father as a carpenter building furniture for
the home. But both shall share the love of modelling the matter tight
clay or plaster, to put their fingerprints on it, to transfer the
highest requirement on it, with a retained gesture, D. Marchesseau,
Diego Giacometti, sculpteur de meubles, 2018, p. 22.

name of Diego Giacometti was, for a very long time, inseparable of the
one of his elder brother Alberto, with whom he shared a studio until the
latter's death in 1966. Assistant of the famous sculptor for years,
Diego was yet a genius artist on his own, and his creations were sought
after and bought during his lifetime by numerous famous and wise
collectors, who participated to the acknowledgment of his work : Romain
Gary, Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, Christian Bérard, Pierre Matisse or
Cecil Beaton to name but a few, shown him an unwavering fidelity.

Table grecque (Greek table) was realized in 1962 for Eberhard W.
Kornfeld and had never left his collection before. Famous art dealer,
friends of the artists and renowned Swiss collector, he entrusted the
creation of a large part of his property?s furniture in Randogne (Valais
county, Switzerland) to Diego Giacometti.

The pieces of
furniture that he created amaze with their airy lightness. Mixing bronze
with glass as Alberto did in his partnership with Jean-Michel Frank,
Diego shown an extreme modernity in he conception of his works. The wise
metal and crystalline alliance gives all its character to this genuine
furniture of sculptor.

The Table grecque stands out from
numerous works of Diego: he deprived it from the fauna and the flora
that usually decorates the spacers and the legs of his furnishings, to
only retain the essence of his artistic expression in this very sober
and elegant piece. The ornamental bareness, the serein geometry reminds
of the Etruscan funerary artefacts, and of course, the ideal Greek
Antiquity, which was one of the main inspiration of Diego Giacometti all
along his career. Drawing on this absolute and millennial
model, he gives us here the demonstration of his mastery in the
realization of a timeless furniture.

Date:  1962
Period:  20th century
Origin:  Suisse
Medium: Bronze with brown patina
Dimensions: 44.5 x 119 x 93.6 cm (17¹/₂ x 46⁷/₈ x 36⁷/₈ inches)
Provenance: Eberhard W. Kornfeld. This table was executed in 1962 for his property of Randogne, in Valais canton, Switzerland.

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