Description & Technical information

Halnaker Park was purchassed by the Duke of Richmond in 1760. Halnaker, formerly the leading establishment of the area, then ceded precedence to Goodwood, the newly built seat of the Dukes of Richmond, who used Halnaker  for the immediate family.
Similar seating, including side chairs, armchairs and stools, was in the possession of the Dundas family at No. 19 Arlington Street, London.
The stool has design features identical to those of this chair, and it is made in the same way: without a doubt it originates from the same workshop.  Its provenance remains unknown, but it is entirely possible that it is the same as for the chair.

The stool:
Height: 18 in; 46 cm
Width: 25 in; 63.5 cm
Depth: 19 ¼ in; 49 cm

Date:  1765
Period:  George III, 18th century
Origin:  English
Medium: Mahogany
Dimensions: 108.5 x 71 x 71 cm (42³/₄ x 28 x 28 inches)
Provenance: Halnaker Park, Chichester, West Sussex, England.
Categories: Furniture