Description & Technical information

The brothers George and Hill Darley were the fourth generation of one of the most important stone-cutting families in 18th century Dublin.  The long-running Darley family business lasted from the 1660s until well into the 19th century.
Around ninety designs for neoclassical fireplaces by the Darley family have been preserved in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.  The design drawing for this chimneypiece is annotated with a price of £75, which in the 1780s was a very considerable sum.
Related chimneypieces of this design by the Darley family can be found at No. 4 Merrion Square, Dublin, and at Belgard Castle, Dublin.

Date:  1780
Period:  George III, 18th century
Origin:  Irish
Medium: Marble
Literature: The Irish Georgian Society Records, vol. IV, pl. LXXXI, 1912.