Description & Technical information

This tall, near pair of Ottoman candle sticks is made of tombak (gilt-copper) and decorated with continuous, scrolling pattern of flower heads, stems and leaves. The pattern of outward facing pairs of stylised tulips on a vine wraps around the lower edge of the slightly rounded, wide stepped base, whilst the flower heads and stems descend ultimately from the top of the cylindrical neck. The design of engraved and etched floral scrolls is typically found on tombak ware (see, for example, Sotheby’s October 25, 2017, Lot 155). Floral motifs generally are distinct features in Ottoman arts.
İ. Gündağ Kayaoğlu, Tombak, Disbank: Istanbul, 1992.

Period:  18th century
Origin:  Ottoman Turkey
Medium: Gilt-copper (Tombak)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art