Description & Technical information

Rectangular snuff-box in gold and enamel. The hinged lid is worked in champlevé enamel. On fine cavities made in gold, a symmetrical decoration in polychrome and translucent enamel presenting a Medicis vase with a floral bouquet is organized. This vase stands out against a background of opaque black enamel embellished with gold foliage left in reserve and polychrome and translucent flowers in champlevé enamel. A frieze of interlacing in white enamel frames the composition. The base of the snuffbox is decorated with a centered decoration of floral pattern on a translucent blue enamel guilloché background. This decoration is framed by a bunch of grapes in champlevé enamel on a black enamel background.
Weight: 1.83oz (52g.)
Gold marks.
Goldsmith illigible.
Mid-19th century Circa 1820-1830
Price: 4900 €
REF: 4873

Date:  Circa 1820-1830
Period:  Mid-19th century
Medium: Gold and champlevé enamel
Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.57 x 0.39 cm (2¹/₂ x 0⁵/₈ x 0¹/₈ inches)