Description & Technical information

Cameo on agate depicting a young woman with a Greek profile looking to the right. The artist has finely sculpted the white vein of the agate to reveal this delicate profile. She wears a tiara. It is probably Ceres's head. This stone is set in a gold brooch setting adorned with half pearls. The art of precious stone has existed since Antiquity, in the 19th century a revival of the art of the cameo appeared. The cameos were then worn as jewelry and emphasized the belonging to the classical culture of its owner.
18K gold frame.
REF: 6014

Period:  Second part of the 19th century. Napoleon III
Medium: Gold-Mounted Agate
Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.4 x 2 cm (2¹/₈ x 1³/₄ x 0³/₄ inches)
Categories: Jewellery