Description & Technical information

This gouache drawing may be related to a handful of similar compositions of a young woman seated in front of a tall mirror that Jean-Gabriel Domergue produced in the early 1920s. It is particularly close to the left half of a painting of Eve at a Mirror of 1921, which depicts a woman looking into a mirror held by a lascivious satyr, with a golden carriage behind. A variant of the composition, with the addition of a standing nude woman, is found in a gouache drawing, likewise dated 1921, which was sold at auction in 2012, while the artist also used a similar composition in a number of large folding screens. A painting of an analogous subject, entitled Dans l’ombre d’une jeune fille en fleur, dated 1922 and exhibited at the Salon of that year, depicts a woman with a fan, dressed in white, underneath a spray of wisteria.

Medium: Gouache and charcoal on buff paper, laid down on board
Signature: Signed and dated jean / gabriel / domergue / 21 at the centre left. Signed and inscribed jean / gabriel / domergue / Le princesse(?) aux(?) fleurs on the backing board.
Further partially inscribed Domergue / [fem]me vue de dos assise on a torn label pasted onto the backing board.

Dimensions: 41 x 23.1 cm (16¹/₈ x 9¹/₈ inches)
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints