Description & Technical information

A formal portrait, the haloed nobleman wearing a solid white jama sits bolt upright on a yellow carpet, itself atop a patterned red rug decorated with white and pink floral motifs. He rests against a brocaded bolster in strict profile. He holds a black shield in front of him and has a dagger tucked into a gold and red sash which he wears low at his waist. He sports an elaborate gold turban decorated with pearls with a radiating sun disk with a green feather fronted by a pearl and emerald turban jewel, a jigha. He is bejewelled in gold and emerald elements: a pearl and emerald tiered necklace, multi-strand bracelet, and a longer necklace, one that loops down to his waist. The heavy application of coloured patterns is typical of the painting from centres in Marwar, Jodhpur being the most important capital. 

The name of the artist, Chotu Lal, clearly is given in the inscription and the name of the nobleman appears to be Sharma Binnay. He wears a turban which is not the most common in the Marwar region, but there are examples known that are quite close to it, although the sunburst element towards the front usually appears on the other side of the turban towards the back.

Date:  ca. 1800
Period:  Early 19th century
Origin:  Rajasthan, Marwar, Jodhpur?, India
Medium: Ink, opaque watercolour, and gold on paper
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints