Description & Technical information

The stool has acquired a fine patina and is upholstered with colourful English petit-point needlework. The seat rail is marked IV (four in Roman numerals) and incised with the letters IL.
The stool was originally one of at least four in probably a large suite of seat furniture. Incised letters are to be seen on some of Grendey’s seat furniture, and are probably the initials of the journeyman at his workshop who made the piece. The initials on this stool may indicate either Joseph Longford or James Ludford, both journeymen known to have been employed by Grendey during his 63-year cabinet-making career.

Period:  George I
Origin:  English
Medium: Walnut
Dimensions:  cm (17¹/₂ x 21¹/₂ x 16¹/₈ inches)
Provenance: Mallett & Son Ltd., London, England.
Private collection, England.